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General Information

Full Name José Manuel Requena Plens
Languages Spanish (native), English (intermediate)
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Formal education

  • current

    Valencia, Spain

    PhD in Health and Wellness Technologies
    Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV)
    Ultrasound Medical and Industrial Laboratory (UMIL)
    Industrial and biomedical applications of metamaterials for the control of acoustic beams.

    In this project, we propose to combine new air-coupled ultrasound transducers with hyperbolic metamaterials to design vision systems that exceed the imaging capabilities of traditional systems. We will investigate the application of acoustic hyperlenses in the biomedical context to image beyond the diffraction limit, enabling imaging with deep sub-wavelength resolution. In addition, we will investigate the capabilities of air-coupled chiral hyperlenses and Bessel beams to manipulate objects, aiming to efficiently trap, move and rotate microparticles on the subwavelength scale. The results of this project could have a wide application in biomedical applications but also in agri-food and industrial applications.
  • 2019

    Gandia, Spain

    Master's Degree in Acoustical Engineering
    Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV)
    Higher Polytechnic School of Gandia (EPSG)
    Degree obtained with honors in: Fundamentals of Acoustics, Acoustic Isolation, Musical Acoustics, Signal Processing in Acoustic Engineering, Ultrasonics and Acoustic Simulation Techniques.

    Final Master's thesis entitled Difusores acústicos basados en resonadores de membrana y placa ('Acoustic diffusers based on membrane and plate resonators'), qualified with honors with special mention.
  • 2018

    Alicante, Spain

    Degree in Telecommunication Engineering in Sound and Image
    University of Alicante (UPV)
    Higher Polytechnic School (EPS)
    Degree obtained together with the 2 specializations: Acoustic Engineering and Audiovisual Technology.

    Final Degree Work entitled Estudio de la relación campo directo/reverberado; útil/perjudicial ('Study of the direct/reverberated field relationship; useful/harmful')
  • 2009/2011

    Elche & Alicante, Spain

    Certificate of Higher Education in Electronics Technician & Superior Sound Technician
    IES Salesianos (San Jóse Artesano) & IES Luis García Berlanga


Occupational Health and Safety
50 Hours
Nanomaterials INVASSAT
50 Hours
Chemical sector INVASSAT
50 Hours
Emergencies INVASSAT
70 Hours
Nutrition INVASSAT
50 Hours
Educational INVASSAT
50 Hours
50 Hours
Researcher UPV
15 Hours
Transversal competences
Gender perspective EVES
20 Hours
Teamwork Labora
25 Hours
Design Thinking Labora
25 Hours
Critical Thinking Labora
25 Hours
Adaptability, flexibility and agility Labora
25 Hours
Autonomy, innovation, ... Labora
25 Hours
Improving profesional efficiency Labora
25 Hours
Entrepreneur gender perspective UPV
20 Hours
Op. Industrial trucks Gescoform
15 Hours
Food Hygiene Course Asonoman
30 Hours
Self-protection plans INVASSAT
15 Hours
Static electricity INVASSAT
15 Hours
Data privacy CSIRT-CV
10 Hours
Information technology
Using Python for Research HardvardX
50 Hours
Analyzing Data With Python IBM
20 Hours
Visualizing Data with Python IBM
20 Hours


  • Apr 2023 - Current

    Lliria, Spain

    DevOps Engineer - R&D
    Power Electronics (PE)
    Solar + Storage (PE Solar)
    • Development on ARM architecture.
    • Development of new functionalities and unit tests.
  • Jan 2023 - Apr 2023

    Valencia, Spain

    Predoctoral researcher
    Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) + Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) + Hospital La Fe (IIS)
    Medical Imaging and Therapy Systems (i3M)
    Researcher in the R&D line: Acoustic Metamaterials for Ultrasound Histotripsy treatments.

    Project: New generation of smart metasurfaces based on additive manufacturing for strategic applications in telecommunications (Metasmart). Funded by the Valencian Agency for Innovation (Reference: INNEST/2022/345).

    Some planned tasks:
    • Ultra-close focus acoustic lens design.
    • Prototype manufacturing.
    • Experimentation with ex-vivo tissues.
  • Jul 2021 - Jul 2022

    Valencia, Spain

    Predoctoral researcher
    Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) + Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
    Medical Imaging and Therapy Systems (i3M)
    The main objective is to conduct research and development of acoustic metamaterials for use in architectural applications and medical imaging.

    Goals achieved:
    • Theoretical development of acoustic metadiffusers based on membranes or plates reducing the size of commercial diffusers.
    • Simulation of the acoustic diffusers and validation of results (MATLAB & COMSOL).
    • Two publications in national and international congresses:
    • Development and simulation of metamaterial-based waveguides for improved ultrasound resolution in air.
    • Fabrication of waveguide prototypes.
    • Validated experimental results against those obtained in simulation.
    • Advisor of the Master thesis of a student of the Master's Degree in Acoustic Engineering of the UPV.
  • Feb 2020 - Jul 2021

    Gandia, Spain

    Researcher in European project
    Higher Polytechnic School of Gandia (UPV) + European Space Agency (ESA)
    Complex Media Acoustics Group of IGIC (IGIC)
    Implement and experimentally validate a sound mitigation method, applicable to a real space vehicle launch configuration (VEGA), that results in a significant decrease in sound pressure levels generated in the launch area during spacecraft liftoff.

    Project funded by ESA (European Space Agency) with reference ESA AO/1-9479/18/NL/LvH, in collaboration with: CNRS/Laboratoire d'Acoustique de la Université du Mans; COMET Ingeniería; Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Polytechnic University of Madrid.

    All project objectives were completed at 100%:
  • Feb 2018 - Jul 2018

    Alicante, Spain

    Research internship
    University of Alicante (UA)
    Dep. of Physics, Systems Engineering and Signal Theory (DFESTS)
    Internship in different research projects in the Applied Acoustics Group, belonging to the University Institute of Physics Applied to Sciences and Technologies of the Higher Polytechnic School of Alicante.

    Goals achieved:
    • Simulation of acoustic models.
    • Acoustic measurements by means of a LabView-controlled robotic system.
    • Investigation of the acoustic radiation efficiency (Vibration-borne noise) of metallic plates for an initial study of ship noise emissions in water. Carried out in collaboration with SAES, here you can read a news item on the subject: NEWS.
    • A publication at a national congress:
  • Sep 2016 - Jul 2018

    Alicante, Spain

    Founder and Vocal Member
    AmicroTech (AµTech)
    University of Alicante (UA)
    Association based at the Higher Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante. Founded in 2016. Promotes project-oriented microcontroller programming knowledge.

    Activities performed:
    • Group classes of reinforcement and extension of the subject "Digital Electronic Systems" of the Degree in Sound and Image Engineering of the University of Alicante.
    • Laboratory organization and planning (located at the Colegio Mayor).
    • Communication and Public Relations.
  • Jun 2011 - Feb 2018

    Cox, Spain

    Sound technician
    Acusticox (web)
    • Equipment installation and adjustment for events.
    • Equipment installation and adjustment for permanent installation.
    • FOH Technician.
    • Customer acquisition.
  • Sep 2005 - Nov 2009

    Alicante, Spain

    Laboratory technician
    Profdent (web)
    • Reception of work from dentists.
    • Model preparation and retouching.
    • Minor responsibilities.

Other knowledge and skills

Programing languages
MATLAB Professional level.
C++ Intermediate level..
Python Intermediate/advanced level.
Java Intermediate level.
VBA Elementary level.
HTML Intermediate level.
PHP Elementary level.
CSS Intermediate level.
PyCharm Intermediate level.
CLion Intermediate level.
COMSOL Multiphysics Advanced level.
LabView Intermediate level.
CATT-Acoustic Intermediate/advanced.
EASE Intermediate level.
Excel Advanced level.
Suite Adobe Intermediate level.
Document composition
LaTeX Advanced level.
Word Intermediate/advanced level.
Power Point Advanced level.
Microcontroller development
Texas Instruments Intermediate level.
Arduino Advanced level.
Espressif Advanced level.
Operating systems
MacOS Advanced level.
Windows Advanced level.
Linux Intermediate/advanced level.
iOS Advanced level.
Android Intermediate level.
DAQs NI PXI & Compact, TiePie HS, Red Pitaya.
Laser Vibrometer Polytec.
Accelerometers Brüel & Kjær.
Microphones Brüel & Kjær.
Sound level meters Brüel & Kjær, NTI, CESVA.
Oscilloscopes Tektronix, Rigol.